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Cubism Gets Free New Levels In Volume 2 Update This Week

Cubism Gets Free New Levels In Volume 2 Update This Week

Cubism is celebrating its first birthday this week by releasing a free ‘Volume 2’ update on September 23, including a new selection of puzzles.

As you can see in the video,  Volume 2 update will add a new library of puzzles to the game, in addition to the 60 puzzles from the main campaign released at launch. In the video, the Volume 2 progress indicator reads ’15/30′, so it looks like the expansion will feature an additional 30 puzzles, or half the amount in Volume 1/the main campaign.

Previously, we spoke to Cubism developer Thomas Van Bouwel and learned that he was working on and beta testing a series of Cubism DLC levels for launch later this year. We spoke to Van Bouwel and confirmed that the plan has changed, and the Volume 2 update with new levels is replacing the old plan for a DLC release.

Van Bouwel said he pivoted back and forth between a few delivery methods for the new levels, but in the end restructuring the DLC plans into a extension of the main campaign “made the most sense.” Instead of existing and new players having to pay for a DLC expansion of new puzzles, all players will receive these new levels for free when they’re added to the game later this week in the Volume 2 update.

Cubism has consistently received free updates adding new features and implementing new technologies on Oculus Quest over the last year. Not only does it have 120Hz support and sublime hand tracking implementation, but a recent experimental build showed how the game would run using the new AR passthrough API, available to developers on Quest 2.

The Volume 2 update releases for Cubism on September 23.

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