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Cubism Adds 120Hz Support For Quest 2

Cubism Adds 120Hz Support For Quest 2

A new Cubism update is live, adding support for 120Hz for Quest 2 users on v28.

Earlier this week, we learned that the Quest 2’s next software update, v28, is coming soon and it’s a big one. Not only will the update add support for streaming PC VR games wirelessly to your Quest with Air Link, but it also adds the option to turn on experimental support for 120Hz refresh rate.

The Quest 2 shipped with the same refresh rate as the original quest, 72Hz. In November last year, support was added for a higher refresh rate, bumping up the max from 72Hz to 90Hz. Now, certain apps will be able to support an even higher 120Hz refresh rate. With Cubism adding support already, it looks to be the first title to support 120Hz on Quest 2.

Great as Cubism is, though, it’s a fairly simple game in terms of performance, making it the ideal candidate for 120Hz. As John Carmack has pointed out, only a few existing Quest games will actually have the performance overhead to run 120Hz support reliably with the Quest 2’s hardware. That being said, Carmack expects future games might be developed with 120Hz in mind during design, making them more likely to meet the required benchmark for reliable performance at 120Hz.

We reviewed Cubism back in September last year and absolutely loved it. It remains one of the best puzzle games on Quest and it’s recent hand tracking update is a fantastic addition to an already game great.

To enable 120Hz in Cubism, you will need the Quest v28 software update, which is rolling out to users gradually. You’ll also have to enable 120Hz support in the Quest menu under Experimental Features, and then tick 120Hz in Cubism’s setting menu as well.

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