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Combine Your VR Headset And Your Prescription With VR Frames

Combine Your VR Headset And Your Prescription With VR Frames

With any type of head-mounted display, prescription lens garbed users are typically left out in the cold (or profoundly uncomfortable in some of the major HMDs) until a special solution is crafted. Some VR headsets can be a nuisance especially, not allowing a lot of room for glasses to be worn depending on their design. The VR Lens Lab sought to be the solution for this particular problem a year ago when their VR headset inserts were crowd funded. They’ve served over 5,500 people since and now they’re taking the next step with glasses specifically designed for major VR headsets.

The VR Frames start at 49 euros ($53.23 USD) for the standard frame shaped for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, and PlayStation VR. If you have a prescribed lens, you add 39 euros ($95.59 USD total). When you select the prescription option, you’re given 7 drop-down menus to customize your order (8 if you have a different pupillary distance for each lens).


The VR Lens Lab has positioned themselves well as a place where users must go to achieve end-to-end comfort for their VR experience, an experience that lives or dies on that comfort. Considering how important accessibility is, VR Lens Lab or a competitor could end up developing an even closer relationship with VR headset manufacturers as the immersive technology becomes more popular.

The lenses are also available with an additional safety feature option. VR Lens Lab’s Blueguard coating, for an added 20 euros, protects your eyes from harmful low-energy blue light emitted from displays and also enhances contrast for a sharper image.

The glasses are currently available to order on the VR Lens Lab website and, if your prescription can’t be recreated in the standard form, there’s also a custom request form where you can submit and await a response as the team determines if and at what price they complete the order.

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