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Pistol Whip Mod Support Confirmed For The Future

Pistol Whip Mod Support Confirmed For The Future

Cloudhead Games confirmed its breakthrough shooter Pistol Whip will be getting community-driven mods.

The confirmation comes by way of a blog post from the Canada-based studio. Pistol Whip released in late 2019 simultaneously for PC and Quest with a limited number of songs paired with core gameplay that synced up shooting to a catchy soundtrack which instantly cemented it as an essential VR title. Over the last two years, Cloudhead brought the game to PSVR and dramatically expanded the experience with multiple campaigns and an overhaul of the built-in styles system for changing up the gameplay to suit various playing styles. Over that whole time, however, there’s been a consistent desire among players to open up the game to community-driven modification more and today Cloudhead confirmed that’s definitely still in the plans.

“We’ve heard you, loud and clear – and modding support for Pistol Whip is something our team wants as much as our players do,” the studio’s blog post explains. “Unlike many of the other action-rhythm games in the VR market, Pistol Whip and its scenes (levels) are fairly complex in nature. Whereas with some other games you can easily input your own beats, the experience, the environment remains largely the same. Pistol Whip levels are custom-crafted worlds from beginning to end and we’re building the tools to make that process more approachable.”

In addition to the modding tools the developers also confirmed Pistol Whip will be getting something they call “Contracts”, which are described as allowing “players to collect brag-worthy rewards by completing specific and time-critical missions.”

The Pistol Whip details come as the studio marks its nine-year anniversary and also confirms it is working on “next-gen” VR titles with “deeper scope and vision.”

We’ll bring you the details of the modding tools and new Pistol Whip features as soon as we have them.

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