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Cloudhead Would Love To Make The Gallery Episode 3 For 'Next-Gen' VR

Cloudhead Would Love To Make The Gallery Episode 3 For 'Next-Gen' VR

In a Reddit AMA Cloudhead Games explained that while they would love to work on The Gallery: Episode 3, they’re waiting on a next-gen advancement in VR. A Quest version of the series is a possibility down the line as well.

Cloudhead Games and The Gallery

The Gallery: Episode 1 is still one of my favorite gaming experiences of all-time with its cliffhanger ending and groundbreaking use of exploration and movement-based roomscale VR. I’ll never forget standing in my living room, mouth agape, staring upward as I ascended at the end.

Episode 2 channels a lot of the same ideas into another exciting adventure and it remains as one of the most compelling reasons to have access to PC VR over just Quest or just PSVR.

Obviously, as it’s the series that put Cloudhead on the map before Pistol Whip, they haven’t forgotten about The Gallery; they just want to do it justice.

In the Reddit AMA, a company representative explained:

“The Gallery holds a really special place in our hearts and of course we would love to return to it at some point–but we really do need the market to be bigger first. The way I see it, the next time there’s a massive innovation in VR, the same way roomscale and hand tracking reinvented the medium, EP3 would make the perfect candidate as a ‘next-gen experience.'”

Arguably, the Quest is that sort of  “next-generation” step they’d be looking for with its wireless standalone format, so it sounds like that is a possibility as the Quest line of headsets gets more and more powerful.

“As the Quest lineup gets more powerful, maybe there’s a chance for a Quest version as well. Nothing official is in the works, but it’s still my dream to return to the series in some way.”

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