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Clash Of Chefs Gets Oculus Quest Hand-Tracking Support

Clash Of Chefs Gets Oculus Quest Hand-Tracking Support

Time to get your hands dirty (in the kitchen) – VR cooking game Clash of Chefs now has full hand-tracking support.

Flat Hill Games’ ode to Overcooked in VR is the first VR cooking title we’ve seen to add in hand-tracking support. You can see some of the new features it enables in the trailer below.

Clash Of Chefs Hand-Tracking Update Trailer

The hand-tracking support allows you to grab ingredients and interact with recipes in new ways. You can grab a ketchup bottle, for example, and then squeeze your fist to use it, or flatten a pizza base with the palm of your hand. You’ll also be able to fold up wraps and, most importantly, flick a gong to make it sound off.

Hand-tracking support can be used both on and offline.

We reviewed Clash of Chefs when it launched on Quest and PC VR earlier this year. “Overall, Clash of Chefs VR is a solid game and one that can provide plenty of entertainment, particularly in multiplayer, but it fails to do anything groundbreaking or extraordinary with the genre and it does have some niggling issues that need to be resolved,” we said, giving the game a ‘Good’ rating.

The update is out now for free on Oculus Quest. Don’t expect a PC VR version of the update, though, considering only a very small number of PC VR headsets actually support hand-tracking themselves.

Are you going to be checking out Clash of Chefs’ hand-tracking update? Let us know in the comments below!

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