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Swordfighter Broken Edge Arrives Nov. 17 On Quest & Steam

Swordfighter Broken Edge Arrives Nov. 17 On Quest & Steam

Trebuchet’s sword fighting game Broken Edge will launch on Nov. 17.

Coming to Steam and Quest for $9.99, the multiplayer title published by Fast Travel Games is now available to wishlist on those storefronts.

Broken Edge features 1v1 dueling with a variety of melee weapons and fencing mechanics. It brings to mind Ironlights, though with a different art style and approach to combat. Last month we published an early look at the game from some demo time at Gamescom:

A clash of swords in Broken Edge has a clear outcome – if player one slashes through player two’s weapon, it gets broken off at the point of impact. Player two is left with a maimed, but still usable, weapon – the titular ‘Broken Edge’, if you will. Your weapon becomes similar to a health bar and once it’s depleted down to just the hilt, you only have one last chance to counter against a fatal blow.

We’ll be curious if the developers are able to do anything interesting with the new haptics on Quest Pro’s controllers for the combat in Broken Edge, and we’ll be looking to dive into the game more as it releases in November.

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