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Boneworks Dev Teases Progress On Next Game For Quest 2, PC VR And Possibly PSVR 2

Boneworks Dev Teases Progress On Next Game For Quest 2, PC VR And Possibly PSVR 2

Stress Level Zero developer Brandon J. Laatsch teased progress on the studio’s next game on Twitter, reafirming that it would be coming to Quest 2, PC VR and potentially even PSVR 2.

The initial tweet from Laatsch indicated that he was playing around with the game and preparing footage, potentially to be released sometime in the future. Here’s the full tweet:

Progress update on showing the next game: We’re playing through builds of what we intend to show/film daily. Frame rate is 90% of the way there. Needs sound, sequence, and scene polish and some bugs. I spent an hour messing around with three bodies on an escalator last night.

It’s unclear whether the ‘next game’ Laatsch is referring to is the previously-announced Boneworks spin-off coming to Quest, or something else. We do know that the studio has multiple projects in the works.

In a follow-up reply tweet, Laatsch revealed that the game in question would be coming to “Quest 2 and PC VR” with a “decent chance” of PSVR 2, if they got developer hardware. It had previously been revealed the game would be launching for Quest and PC VR.

In another tweet, a user suggested the game might release within the next 2 years, to which Laatsch replied “safe bet.”

We reached out to Stress Level Zero for comment on whether this ‘next game’ is in fact the Boneworks spin-off announced for Quest at Oculus Connect 6, and whether the game will release just for Quest 2 or for both Quest headsets. We will update this article if we receive a response.

The studio promised that info on their upcoming projects would be given sometime this year, so hopefully with Laatsch’s latest tweets, we’re close to getting something juicy.

Are you looking forward to the next game from Stress Level Zero? Let us know in the comments.

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