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Boneworks 1.6 Update Introduces Hover Junkers Map, Vehicles

Boneworks 1.6 Update Introduces Hover Junkers Map, Vehicles

The next Boneworks update, due tomorrow, pays tribute to developer Stress Level Zero’s original VR game – Hover Junkers.

Update 1.6 will be free for all and adds a new sandbox to the game. It’s all entirely themed around the studio’s 2016 VR launch title, adding in new weapons, characters and even vehicles from it. Check out the trailer below.

Boneworks Hover Junkers Update Coming Tomorrow

Hover Junkers is a multiplayer first-person shooter in which players battle it out across the wastelands in ramshackle floating crafts. The game looked to take advantage of room-scale VR tracking by making vehicles the size of your play space.

This update, then, lets you drive those vehicles once more in a large sandbox environment. Of course, Boneworks’ signature physics are put to good use, with wind farms you’ll need to dodge and canyons to weave through. You can even jump between vehicles and seize them from enemies.

Following Hover Junkers, Stress Level Zero released another VR game, Duck Season, that paid tribute to Duck Hunt in some disturbing ways. Can we expect to see the next update revisit that game? There’s certainly a lot of potential there.

Outside of these updates, the developer is also working on a new game set in the Boneworks universe that’s thought to be coming to both Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets. We’re not yet sure when we’ll hear more than that title, but hopefully, there will be news in the new year.

Will you be checking out the game’s latest update? Let us know in the comments below.

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