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Stress Level Zero: Bonelab Requests T-Shirt Size For Full-Body Avatar Fitting

Stress Level Zero developer Brandon J Laatsch revealed Bonelab will feature settings for adjusting the in-game full body avatar “to fit your real body.”

Laatsch revealed on Twitter that Bonelab will prompt players to enter height and t-shirt size, with more fine tuning available in a menu.

To fit your real body to your avatar’s body, Bonelab prompts you for your height and t-shirt size,” Laatsch wrote. “There is also a fine tuning menu that lets you enter height, chest, under-bust, waist, hips, wingspan and inseam.”

One user asked how the game will measure t-shirt size specifically, to which Laatsch replied it would just be “a general S, M, L, XL” and that if players “go to advanced [settings] you can see the waist measurement it’s guessing based on your height.”

Bonelab is the follow up to Stress Level Zero’s pioneering VR title Boneworks, which released for PC VR and showcased a physics and interaction system that gave items a feel of weight and heft. It also gave players a full body avatar in-game — something that Bonelab will also adopt.

Bonelab is due to launch for PC VR and Quest 2 sometime this year and Stress Level Zero recently teased that the game is now fully playable from logos to credits, so hopefully we get a release date soon.

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