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Upcoming VR Game Offers 'Stress-Free' Everyday Interactions

Upcoming VR Game Offers 'Stress-Free' Everyday Interactions

Blinnk and the Vacuum of Space, Changingday’s debut VR game designed for autistic players, arrives on PC VR next month.

Set on the colorful Norpopolis Space Station, Blinnk and the Vacuum of Space sees you starting at Norp Corp, tasked with bringing your boss “the greatest sandwich in the galaxy.” Changingday states the game is “hand-made to support and enhance the experience of neurodiverse users” and features no fail state.

Blinnk’s developers say the title is being developed with the involvement of autistic people and the upcoming game offers “stress-free versions of everyday interactions, without any fear of discouragement.” Promising various accessibility options that lets players tailor this world and “deep customization of the sound and visuals of your experience,” you can check out Blinnk’s description below:

Join the loveable robot BLINNK and venture through the colourful world of the Norpopolis Space Station on a quest to recapture the mischievous alien Groobs with your trusty Vacuumizer 5000. Whether it’s fishing in the space station’s park or power washing an alien’s teeth, the gameplay engages and encourages autistic players at every stage without fear of a fail state. Will you be able to gather all the groobs before Mister Norp discovers they’ve escaped? Only you can restore peace and prepare the galaxy’s greatest snack!

Blinnk and the Vacuum of Space launches on PC VR via Steam on January 17, 2023 for £20 (around $25 converted). It’s also coming to Meta Quest, but no release window has been provided.

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