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Blair Witch VR 'Mistakenly Deactivated' On Quest But Returns Soon

Blair Witch VR 'Mistakenly Deactivated' On Quest But Returns Soon

The Blair Witch VR will be relisted soon on Quest after being "mistakenly deactivated."

Released in 2020, Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition adapted Bloober Team's flatscreen horror game for VR. However, fans recently spotted that it had been delisted from the Quest Store, though the Steam and Rift ports remain available. Asked why it had been delisted and if the PC VR versions would follow, Bloober Team informed UploadVR this was a mistake.

Here's the statement.

The game was mistakenly deactivated, and it will reappear in the store in a day or two. In other stores, it is still available, and we do not plan to remove any of our games from sale.

We enjoyed Bloober Team's horror adaptation in our Blair Witch VR review, praising the "solid" scares and considering it an improvement over the flatscreen release.

As far as ports of non-VR games go, Blair Witch VR is quite great as it manages to be better than its non-VR predecessor in basically every way. Frankly, this setting fits VR like a blood-soaked glove and I hope to see more Blair Witch games in VR after this. Horror naturally lends itself to the immersive realms of a VR headset and it doesn’t get a whole lot more unsettling than the iconic Blair Witch franchise.

Blair Witch VR is available now on PC VR, while the Quest version is due to return this week.

Blair Witch VR Review - Bringing The Iconic Horror Series To Quest
Blair Witch originally released as a non-VR game from Bloober Team, the creators of Layers of Fear and the upcoming Xbox/PC horror game, The Medium, but is now getting the VR treatment with the Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition out today on October 29th. Read on for our full

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