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Fast Travel Games Publishing VR Weaponsmithing Sim BlackForge On Quest & Steam

BlackForge VR artwork

Fast Travel Games is publishing BlackForge, a VR weaponsmithing sim reaching Quest and Steam later this year.

Developed by Mana Brigade, BlackForge VR lets you creative medieval weaponry to support the town's local heroes, fulfilling requests in the campaign. "Study the mythical techniques of the elders, forge metal, shape wood, and channel the power of the Aesir into your ancient hammer to create epic weapons worthy of the bravest heroes," states Fast Travel Games in a press release.

With the BlackForge demo, Fast Travel Games says that's arriving today as part of this week's Steam Next Fest. That promises an introduction to this fantasy world's weaponsmithing by including some playable requests, letting you go hands-on with shaping metal plus chopping and carving wood. You can check out the screenshots below:

Black Forge reaches the Meta Quest platform and PC VR "later in 2024," and you can download the demo now through SideQuest and Steam.

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