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Best VR Shooters And FPS Games: Top Picks On Quest, PSVR, And PC VR

Best VR Shooters And FPS Games: Top Picks On Quest, PSVR, And PC VR

With our list of the best VR shooters and FPS games you’ll be shooting straight in no time.

Admit it: the first time you put on a VR headset, you knew it was going to be great for shooters. And that’s certainly proved to be the case over the last five years; ever since the launch of PC VR headsets we’ve been treated to a slew of great first-person shooter (FPS) games, be they single-player campaigns or multiplayer frag fests.

If you’re looking for a list of the best Oculus Quest shooters then you can find a dedicated one right here, but this list focuses on games across a wide variety of headsets. So let’s take a look.

Note that you’ll find these best VR shooters on Steam, the Oculus Store and PlayStation Store where applicable.

Best VR Shooters And FPS Games

25. Robo Recall – Rift/Link | Robo Recall: Unplugged – Quest

There was a time in which Fortnite developer Epic Games was very bullish about VR. In that hope, it developed what was arguably the most polished shooter seen in headsets at the time – Robo Recall. It’s still an arcadey delight today, letting you tackle waves of mechanical enemies with superheroic action. But it’s even more impressive that Drifter Entertainment then managed to take that game and squeeze it onto Quest. A little dated perhaps, but worth seeking out for some accessible fun.

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24. Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond – Quest 2, PC VR

It might not have delivered the immaculately polished AAA shooter that we were all hoping for in a post-Alyx world, but Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond still offered the rare full FPS package. Multiplayer is arguable the better element, with plenty of modes and maps that offer classic FPS thrills inside VR, but the setpiece-driven campaign has its moments too. The Quest 2 version supports cross-buy with the Rift edition, but not cross-play.

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23. Blaston – Quest, PC VR

If you’re looking for something a little different, might we recommend this unique 1 vs 1 dueling experience? Blaston has a great concept: fire bullets at your opponent – lots of bullets. Projectiles move towards you at a sluggish space, giving you time to move, but you can play the game tactically to create a genuine bullet hell for your opponent. With extra modes and updates added since launch, Blaston is a breath of fresh air in the VR shooter scene.

22. From Other Suns – Rift/Link

Oh, From Other Suns. What you could have been.  There’s a reality out there, somewhere, where your fantastic randomized gameplay, in which players teamed up to take on adventures in space, got the kind of post-launch support it really deserved before living on with an Oculus Quest or SteamVR port. Sadly, it wasn’t this timeline. But, if you’re looking for an obscure shooter gem that delivers on the dream of space shootouts as you invade ships and rescue galaxies, you can’t go wrong here.

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21. Sweet Surrender – Quest, PC VR

If you’re looking for a shooter that will keep you coming back for more with intensely replayable roguelite gameplay, then Sweet Surrender is definitely one to check out. Build up a set of powerups and improved weapons and shoot your way through robot-infested mazes. There are four areas to the game at launch but its developer says lots of updates are on the way, and they’ll be free, too.

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20. Stormland – Rift/Link

Another procedurally generated adventure and another great game likely to be lost to the obscurity of the Oculus Rift store, Stormland is still worth a look if you have a friend to play it with. You explore islands connected by a sea of clouds, dispatching robots and upgrading your own shell with new parts. It’s gorgeous to look at and features incredibly immersive controls. It’s also Spider-Man developer Insomniac’s best VR game yet. Hopefully it’s not their last, though.

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19. Firewall Zero Hour – PSVR

Another game that we previously ranked higher in its heyday, Firewall Zero Hour is still worth seeking out if you have a PSVR Aim Controller and a squad of three other friends. This is essentially Rainbox Six in VR with tight, tactical multiplayer battles that require clear communication and a good understanding of its many maps. Even years on from release the game is constantly being updated with new content, making it one of the overall best VR shooters and FPS games.

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18. Zero Caliber – PC VR | Zero Caliber: Reloaded – Quest

There’s a handful of really enjoyable modern-era shooters in VR that cover a wide range of modes, from frantic arena-driven multiplayer to epic single-player campaigns. Zero Caliber squarely takes aim at co-op, with a decent-sized campaign (that can still be played solo), full of snackable missions for up to four players. Great gunplay and environmental variety make this a satisfying mission with friends, and the Reloaded Quest version stacks up great next to PC. That said, there’s still more to be added in both games’ roadmaps.

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17. Sniper Elite VR – Quest, PSVR, PC VR

Opinion has been somewhat divided on Rebellion’s VR spin-off of its stealth-action series since it launched in mid-2021. But, for our money, the series’ B-movie sensibilities get a new lease on life here thanks to incredibly immersive sniping, sneaking that doesn’t turn into a broken mess, and great weapon handling. Plus the campaign will last you close to ten hours, which not many VR campaigns can beat. As such, it earns its spot in the list of best VR shooters and FPS games.

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16. Space Pirate Trainer DX – Quest

Space Pirate Trainer is available on a lot of platforms, but we’re talking about the DX version for Oculus Quest specifically here for good reason. An update to the title earlier in 2021 added an incredible local multiplayer component where players with the space (and it needs a lot of space) can run around a giant arena in games of laser tag. Accessibility stops us from putting this one higher but, if you’re able, you can’t miss Spare Pirate Trainer DX.

15. Larcenauts – Quest, PC VR

Farpoint developer Impulse Gear was quick to spot a gap in the market for a VR hero shooter. But Larcenauts isn’t a simple Overwatch-aping rush job. It’s a genuinely deep shooter in its own right with a varied cast of characters that offer a lot of tactical options in the heat of combat. This isn’t the type of shooter you quickly jump into and understand – Larcenauts is a game worth investing in to get the best out of it.

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14. Contractors – Quest, PC VR

Another modern-era VR FPS, Contractors offers a smorgasbord of options for those looking to play both solo and with others. Whether you’re looking for a Horde-style survival mode for up to four players, competitive play with over 30 different weapons, or just want to tackle the game’s missions on your own, there’s likely at least one mode in Contractors that you’ll really get a kick out of.

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13. Compound – PC VR

A retro-inspired VR FPS that takes after classics like Doom and Wolfenstein might not sound like a great fit for headsets, but Compound is proof that it can actually work really well. You clear out randomized floors of enemies in a perfectly-paced VR shooter that lets you fight on your own terms, not just get blasted by invisible bullets from halfway across a battlefield. It’s still in a long early access haul but, make no mistake, Compound is one of the best VR shooters and FPS games today.

12. Pavlov VR – PC VR | Pavlov: Shack – Quest

The next entry in our list-within-a-list of modern shooters, Pavlov offers the closest you can get to Counter-Strike inside a VR headset today. Again, it’s in early access, but it has a long history of updates that have kept its chaotic tactical battles incredibly popular over the past few years. If you have a Quest, then Shack is a decent version of the game that’s cut down and put onto the Oculus App Lab store, but PC remains the best place to get the full experience.

11. Farpoint – PSVR

Say what you want about PSVR, but it’s arguably the best destination for single-player VR shooters, and that begins with Farpoint. Impulse Gear’s VR debut still holds up with its enjoyable story-driven mode that, while somewhat basic in design, absolutely thrives on the strength of the PSVR Aim Controller for which it was designed for. The powerful feeling of holding a rifle makes it one of the most immersive VR experiences. Our fingers remain crossed for a possible Farpoint 2, but the original remains one of the best VR shooters and FPS games.

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10. Population: One – Quest, PC VR

Perhaps the most accessible multiplayer VR shooter on the market today, Population: One is essentially VR’s answer to Fortnite. Teams of three jump into a giant map and battle to be the last group standing, scavenging for supplies, climbing buildings and eating bananas. An ever-growing list of updates and limited-time events also make it one of the best-supported VR games you can find right now.

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9. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – PC VR

Somehow over five years on from launch, H3VR (which, no, does not stand for Half-Life 3 VR) continues to grow its arsenal of intricate weaponry. It’s essentially a sandbox gun sim with plenty of minigames and weapons to play around with. Though there might not be many traditional ‘game’ elements to H3VR, it’s an ever-evolving toolbox that serves as constant proof of how VR can push the shooter genre forward with remarkably in-depth interaction.

8. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Quest, PSVR, PC VR

We often feature Saints & Sinners in lists for genres it’s only partially associated with because, frankly, it’s so enjoyable that it still offers a better experience than many full-blown contenders. So, no, this isn’t a game with the most intense shootouts and complex cover systems, but using ammo sparingly to fight back against hordes of Walkers is still a real delight, and the weapon handling is almost perfect. We fully believe it deserves a home in the list of best VR shooters and FPS games.

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7. Onward – Quest, PC VR

The last of our modern-era shooters on this list is perhaps the hardest to jump into, but absolutely the most rewarding to dedicate yourself to. Onward boasts authentic weaponry and near-sim style combat that forces players to fully embrace the physicality of VR and maximize cover. It’s another early access title, but the game’s gone from strength to strength to recover from a rocky (if commercially successful) Quest launch back in 2020.

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6. Blood & Truth – PSVR

Another great VR FPS campaign exclusive to PSVR, Blood & Truth boasts cinematic production values that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a lot of Sony’s biggest and best PS4 games. This is a little closer to Time Crisis VR, with players moving between set points as they fight their way through London’s gang scene in explosive battles. What you might not expect is an incredibly fun story with a high degree of interactivity and character connection. Blood & Truth is a great template for where VR shooter campaigns can go in the future, and overall one of the best VR shooters and FPS games.

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5. Resident Evil 4 – Quest 2

Though it definitely loses points for its 2D roots, Resident Evil 4 works better than it has any right to in VR, capturing the unrivaled intensity of the original’s high-pressure battles for a solid 90% of the campaign. Sure, the other 10% might include much easier boss fights and troublesome QTEs, but this really is one of the best shooters of all time making a successful conversion to VR, and that’s worth celebrating.

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4. Pistol Whip – Quest, PSVR, PC VR

It’s VR, so a rhythm-based game had to find its way into this list somehow, right? Fortunately, Pistol Whip more than earns its keep, taking inspiration from some of the platform’s best games yet but fusing something that feels entirely new and fresh from them. You’ll be hypnotized by the game’s selection of tracks, which have you blasting baddies to the beat, and there’s been incredibly impressive post-launch support since it first released years back. Believe the hype about Pistol Whip.

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3. Superhot VR – Quest, PSVR, PC VR

We know, we know, a lot of you are getting tired of seeing Superhot VR rank so highly on so many lists. To that we say: find us a game with more immersive, considerate and satisfying VR design. Not easy, is it? The truth is that the game’s slow-motion mechanics still make for one of the most empowering VR experiences that perfectly demonstrate the platform’s potential in an instant. Superhot is a special game, and still one of the best VR shooters and FPS games today.

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2. Boneworks – PC VR

Again, Boneworks is one of those games that might rank a little lower in our more generalized best games lists, but when you specifically dial in on the depth and fun of its gunplay, it shoots up the list (pun intended) of the best VR shooters and FPS games. The campaign offers incredibly convincing shootouts with a distinct, Valve-esque tone and, though the melee physics are the real reason to play, it’s still got one of the most satisfying arsenals of firearms in all of VR.

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1. Half-Life: Alyx – PC VR

Surprised? No, we’re not, either. Valve’s long-awaited return to the Half-Life universe more than delivered and Alyx offers some of the most immersive weapon handling in VR. Smart design means that all of your guns are assigned to just one hand and you really feel like you’re holding them. Combine that with tough, cover-based combat that encourages you to make full use of your body in VR, and you have an epic shooter experience that we’re still waiting for other games to replicate. Half-Life: Alyx is an easy choice to top the list of the best VR shooters and FPS games.

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That’s our list of the best VR shooters and FPS games across all platforms. Do you agree with us? Would you make any changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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