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Best VR Games Of 2022 (So Far): 7+ Picks On Quest, PSVR & PC VR

Best VR Games Of 2022 (So Far): 7+ Picks On Quest, PSVR & PC VR

It’s already been a great year for VR content. Let’s round up some must-play titles with our best VR games 2022 list.

Obviously, 2022 is far from done and some of VR’s biggest games are still to come. But it’s never a bad time to look back on some of the fantastic experiences we’ve already enjoyed this year. Whether you’re on Quest, PSVR or PC VR, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

As always, you’ll find the games on our best VR games 2022 list on the Quest Store, PlayStation Store and Steam.

Best VR Games 2022

Wanderer – PC VR, PSVR

If you’re looking to kick the year off with a visually rich, incredibly immersive adventure then you can’t do much better than Wanderer. This is a time-traveling escape room extravaganza, pairing you up with a talking watch as you taxi items from past to present and beyond to solve devious puzzles. Puzzle solutions are often innovative and rewarding, whereas interactions are unique to VR and the game is absolutely stunning to look at. We’re hoping to see much more from Wanderer in the future.

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Zenith: The Last City – Quest, PC VR, PSVR

If there were any safe bets for this list, it’d probably be this. Zenith’s launch sent waves throughout the VR industry in late January, finally answering the call for an in-depth VR MMO. There’s tons of content already on offer here as you level up one of the two main classes, and seamless cross-play support makes it a joy to explore with friends. Make no mistake, it’s definitely still early days for Zenith and there’s a lot of rough edges to smooth out alongside content to add, but it’s a really impressive start for what will hopefully be a game that’s around for years to come.

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Lost Recipes – Quest

And now for something just a little different. Lost Recipes is a VR cooking game but, instead of focusing on manic, plate-spinning demands, it’s a much more relaxed and educational experience. You cook food from different cultures around the world, with the game gently guiding you through the process. It’s an awesome example of how VR can be a tool for cultural and instructive good that’s more than worth a look if you’re after more than pure entertainment.

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Ultrawings 2 – Quest 2

Currently, the only game we’ve awarded an ‘Essential’ label in 2022, Ultrawings 2 is a textbook example of how to make a sequel. It takes everything that worked about the first game and expands and innovates on top of it, with five new craft that all have dramatic differences in handling plus a frankly obscene amount of missions that play to their strengths and weaknesses. The virtual joystick controls work incredibly well and you won’t find an experience much more immersive than this. Put simply, Ultrawings 2 is an absolute winner.

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Tentacular – Quest, PC VR

Some of the very best VR games put physics front and center of their fun, but none do it quite like Tentacular. In this brilliant little puzzler, you play as a giant tentacled beast that helps the people of a small island town develop alarmingly advanced technologies. This makes for some destructive fun, but not quite in the way you’d expect. Rather than tearing up buildings and making life miserable, you’ll be building precarious constructions using magnets, trying to piece together room decorations with impossible precision and launching rockets into the stratosphere.

It’s a miniature miracle unlike anything else in VR, and a great experience for any age. That makes it an easy contender for the best VR games 2022 list.

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Moss: Book 2 – PSVR

Quill’s long-awaited return didn’t disappoint. Moss: Book 2 delivered more of everything we loved about the first game, with a slightly longer adventure to fight through, new abilities that changed up the gameplay in meaningful ways and more opportunities to interact with a character that might just be VR’s most beloved mascot. It might not have been the expansive epic we know this series is capable of, but Book 2 is still a fitting conclusion to the PSVR-era, and we’re hoping to see the game on more headsets in the future.

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Green Hell VR: Quest Edition – Quest 2

Green Hell on Quest makes a smart play. Rather than trying to wrestle the original version of the game onto a mobile VR headset, developer Incuvo redesigned the game’s environments and mechanics to work well for the device. The result is an undeniably simpler and more accessible experience, but one that still pulls off a great blend of survival management and native VR interactions. We’ll be eagerly awaiting the PC VR version to see if it also makes the grade for the best VR games 2022 list.

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And that’s our Best VR Games 2022 list. Check back later in the year as we update our picks with new games and apps, and let us know about your favorite titles in the comments below.

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