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Beat Saber Creative Director & CEO, The Remaining Co-Founders, Leave Beat Games

Beat Saber Creative Director & CEO, The Remaining Co-Founders, Leave Beat Games

Beat Saber's creative director and CEO, the two remaining co-founders, are stepping down from Beat Games.

Ján Ilavský confirmed his departure as creative director at Beat Games in a post on X. Revealing he would "like to return to my roots: working on innovative games," Ilavský's thread reminisces on his time at Beat Games, admitting he was initially "not accustomed to trusting more people and was a huge control freak." Saying he now trusts the Beat Games team completely, Ilavský believes that Beat Saber "is just getting started."

Not long after, Ilavský's announcement was followed by news that the studio's CEO and fellow co-founder, Vladimír Hrinčár, is also leaving Beat Games. However, unlike Ilavský, no official reasons for leaving were provided in his statement.

"I’m graduating from Beat Saber and from my position as Head of Studio and will be leaving Beat Games. Big thanks to everyone on the team for all amazing things you do for the game, you guys rock and you got this! I wish Beat Saber all the best!"

Ilavský and Hrinčár's departures follow last year's news that the other Beat Games co-founder, Jaroslav Beck, was leaving the company. After stepping down as CEO in 2019 to become Beat Games' music director, Beck left last May to pursue new opportunities, later co-founding a new soft drinks company in the Czech Republic called CANS.

Presently, it's unknown who will succeed Ilavský and Hrinčár as the studio's Creative Director and CEO. UploadVR has contacted Beat Games for an official statement, and we'll update this article if we learn more.

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