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Beat Saber CEO Steps Down To Focus Exclusively On The Game's Music

Beat Saber CEO Steps Down To Focus Exclusively On The Game's Music

Today Beat Games announced that its CEO, Jaroslav Beck, is stepping down from the role and is being replaced by the game’s original co-creator, Vladmir Hrincar, as the new CEO in charge of Beat Saber.

Beck is not leaving the company, however, but will instead use this opportunity to refocus on creating music for the game and pursuing “future opportunities” as his core passion. The news comes as a bit of a surprise, but it makes sense. Beck was the creator of the original game’s soundtrack and is a key force behind what helped make Beat Saber the viral sensation that it became. Having CEO responsibilities very likely cut into his music creation time significantly.

Originally, Beat Saber was crafted by Hrincar and his partner at Hyperbolic Magnetism, Jan Ilavsky. You can read more about the game’s humble origins here in our interview with Beck.

Beat Saber recently exited Early Access on PC, just got a big new Imagine Dragons music pack, previously received a Monstercat music pack, K/DA Popstars from League of Legends, and more. They’re even working on 360 degree levels. We also just recently got a tease of its next upcoming song which looks like it could be its hardest yet.

A big part of what makes Beat Saber popular though is its modability and customization — you can read about adding songs to the game here.

Let us know what you think of the news and if you think the game’s in good hands as it heads into the future down in the comments below!

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