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Try Apple Vision Pro's Gaze Interface On Your Quest Pro With This Recreation

Try Apple Vision Pro's Gaze Interface On Your Quest Pro With This Recreation

You can try Apple Vision Pro's eye tracking based interface on your Quest Pro with this sideloadable recreation.

Supernova Technologies built the recreation with its Nova UI framework for Unity to promote the middleware.

The demo places the app grid seen in the Vision Pro introduction video in front of you with Quest Pro's color passthrough as the background, and replicates Apple's gaze and pinch based interaction system.

The demo leverages Quest Pro's eye tracking to let you select apps or the menu items on the left, and its controller-free hand tracking to let you pinch to "click".


Attempting to launch these apps doesn't actually do anything of course, but you can use the menu on the left to open a demo panel of the various Nova UI interface elements including sliders, toggle buttons, and resizing.

Quest Pro's eye tracking seems to be good enough for this demo, as long as you perform calibration first. But its controller-free hand tracking on the other hand is too limited to truly recreate the Apple Vision Pro experience.

Vision Pro has downwards-facing cameras so you can pinch your fingers even if you're resting your hands against your knee or couch. But Quest Pro doesn't, so you have to hold your hands up in the air.

You can download Nova's visionOS demo APK on GitHub and sideload it on your Quest Pro to try it yourself. Keep in mind it won't work on Quest 2 or Quest 3, since those headsets don't have eye tracking.

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