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Vision Pro Introduction Now Apple's Most Watched YouTube Video

Vision Pro Introduction Now Apple's Most Watched YouTube Video

'Introducing Apple Vision Pro' is now the most watched public video on Apple's YouTube channel.

At the time of writing, the video has just under 51 million views, surpassing the previous most watched video 'Introducing Apple Watch Series 8' which has just under 50 million.

The video starts with a dramatic statement:

"Introducing Apple Vision Pro. The era of spatial computing is here."

It then explains that when you put on Vision Pro you see the real world in front of you, not a virtual environment. It continues by walking the viewer through the visionOS floating 2D apps interface and the new input paradigm of using your eyes to select and your fingers to click.

Apple goes on to showcase what it sees as core use cases for Vision Pro: the "spatial memories" 3D videos it captures, the ability to watch movies or play games on a giant virtual cinema screen, multi-tasking with multiple productivity apps at once, and FaceTime with Apple's Persona realistic avatars.

The video finishes by touting the hardware itself, from its aluminum and glass design to its ultra high density micro-OLED displays and dual Apple Silicon chips.

We should note that Apple often sets old videos to unlisted, and has been promoting this video as an in-feed YouTube ad so it shows up in recommendations and search more often than it would organically. But Apple has done this with many of its previous videos too.

Apple's brand connects with regular people at a scale and depth no other tech company has yet managed to replicate. When Apple announces a new product line, people listen and care - even those who wrote off the idea of AR/VR headsets in the past.

That doesn't mean the masses are always on board from the start, though. Apple Watch and AirPods were widely mocked when revealed - though now lead their respective categories and can be spotted everywhere in public. Apple Vision's path to the mainstream will likely be far longer however, with the company reportedly heavily supply constrained for 2024 at least, but also reportedly working on a more affordable model for 2025.

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