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Zero Caliber Graphics Comparison - Quest 2 vs PC VR

Zero Caliber Graphics Comparison - Quest 2 vs PC VR

How does the Quest version of Zero Caliber stack up next to the PC VR version? Find out in our Zero Caliber graphics comparison!

Released yesterday on Quest, Zero Caliber: Reloaded is a retooled version of the PC VR experience (which is still in Early Access). It features many of the same levels and weapons as the original game, but respecs them to run on the standalone headset. That means there’s no cross-play, but you still get a full campaign with four-player co-op. We think the Quest experience is decent, though it has its flaws.

Zero Caliber Graphics Comparison

Visually, though Zero Caliber is one of the better-looking PC VR games out there, and there’s obviously a big change moving over to Quest. In the video above we focus on two levels and the game’s lobby area. You’ll notice missing environmental effects on Quest, a higher enemy count on PC and other changes to assets and geometry. It’s also interesting to note that the PC game gives you full-body representation whereas Quest simply has a pair of floating hands. Having said that, the game still plays incredibly well on standalone – weapons still look great and handle authentically and missions are fun either in solo or co-op play.

Do keep in mind that the game isn’t compatible between Quest and PC, though, so if you’re planning to play with friends make sure you have the right version!

Reloaded is out now on Oculus Quest. What did you think of our Zero Caliber graphics comparison? Let us know in the comments below!

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