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Watch: Incredible Airport Ground Ops Training Sim Is Remarkably Detailed

Watch: Incredible Airport Ground Ops Training Sim Is Remarkably Detailed

Aviation training company AVIAR recently released a look at its virtual training platform, and it seems remarkably detailed.

AVIAR’s platform caters to various areas of aviation training, but this demo showcases its grounds operation training. Check it out in the trailer, running on PC VR, below.

The trailer provides a quick glimpse at the various safety checks and setup procedures the platform includes, breaking down to a granular level of detail. The platform teaches you the layout of a craft, its various components and how to interact with them with specific tools. You can even drive vehicles to tow the plane.

The company reasons that its training solution is faster and cheaper than using a physical location and real-world equipment. Speaking to Upload, AVIAR CEO Grigory Rodionov revealed the company had been working on its platform for over two years and, like other VR companies, has found increased relevance in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For now, the ground operations side of the training is most complete, but Rodionov says the first releases for cabin crew training will be available in Q1 of next year and pilot and security training will be delivered towards the end of 2021.

Not only that, but AVIAR plans to take its work and make a game out of the content, too. No further details on that just yet but expect to hear more in 2021.

AVIAR has already implemented its solution with airlines like Lufthansa and NordStar.

Overall it looks like a pretty great example of how VR can aid training programs, especially during the pandemic.

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