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Watch The First Gameplay For Physics Puzzle Game Ballista On Oculus Quest

Watch The First Gameplay For Physics Puzzle Game Ballista On Oculus Quest

With the Oculus Quest due to release in just a few more days we’ve got some fresh gameplay from one of its upcoming brand new titles: Ballista from High Voltage. In this game you’ll launch projectiles (often times that includes birds) at fortresses guarding a glowing crystal. Instead of destroying evil pigs like in Angry Birds, you’ve got to blow up the crystal.

High Voltage has done great work in VR in the past (Damaged Core and Dragon Front) but Ballista is a definite change of pace. You can see a couple early levels in the gameplay below:

To be perfectly frank, Ballista looks and feels a lot like Angry Birds. Typically that would just be a case of imitation flattery but in this instance Angry Birds VR already exists and is a launch title for Oculus Quest as well. It’s a bit odd to release these games alongside one another.

The big difference between the two is that in Angry Birds VR you can move around the levels whereas in Ballista you’re stationary. You’ll unlock abilities to see the whole level from a bird’s eye view, discover various projectiles to launch, and even summon a magic wand. It’s got the whimsy and colorful charm, but all-in-all it feels like a tough sale in the face of its competition.

Ballista is slated to be a launch title for Oculus Quest when it releases on May 21 and if you want to see more of Ballista just stay tuned to UploadVR and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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