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Wallace & Gromit Jamtastic! Turns Toast Making Into A Mixed Reality Shooting Gallery

Wallace and Gromit Jamtastic!

Wallace & Gromit Jamtastic! merges mixed reality shooting galleries with jam toast making, and it's coming this Winter on Quest.

Releasing as part of the upcoming Wallace and Gromit in the Grand Getaway experience, Jamtastic! sees you being guided by Wallace through a projection while he's on holiday. Tasked with testing his new ‘jam-to-toast delivery system,’ creators Aardman described this MR experience as being "part shooting gallery and part joyful mess maker."

Detailed further on Aardman's website, here's the official description:

With the assistance of his ‘helping hands’ that takeover and transform their real-world space, and regular check-ins from Wallace as he beams into your home live from his Grand Getaway, players will be guided through 30 unique levels of jamtastic fun. The more they test the more they unlock,  taking delivery of new, wonderfully chaotic challenges testing jam-firing timing, accuracy and speed.

This isn't the first look we've had at Wallace & Gromit: Jamtastic!, though we've only just learned its name. You may recall it very briefly appeared during September's Meta Connect keynote, and Atlas V subsequently confirmed its inclusion within the Grand Getaway.

The Grand Getaway received a new trailer alongside the Jamtastic! announcement, which you can check out above. Both The Grand Getaway and Jamtastic! are now listed under one experience on the Quest Store, set for a "Winter 2023" release.

Until then, you can check out our developer interview and hands-on preview to learn more.

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