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Disembodied: Take Control Of Your Hands...With Your Hands

Disembodied: Take Control Of Your Hands...With Your Hands

Middle Man Games revealed an early prototype for an upcoming game that plays with disembodiment in interesting ways.

Aptly named Disembodied, developer Kevin Walker tells UploadVR the game is so early in development there's no release window yet for this one except his aim to get it done within a year. Walker submitted the concept to the UploadVR Summer Showcase where it premiered, showcasing how Thing-like hands can traverse the levels.


"In Disembodied you control your disembodied hands with your... hands," Walker wrote to us. "The game is mixed reality, and uses only hand tracking. Your hand movements are copied 1:1 to the disembodied hands, which you must maneuver through small levels, featuring various mechanics and challenges."

Walker warns a lot may change on the path to release, with plans to add other mechanics and perhaps even a story.

Disembodied's Quest store listing is now live for wishlisting.

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