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Vive Studios' Operation Apex Getting Rift Support This Month

Vive Studios' Operation Apex Getting Rift Support This Month

Curiscope’s effective educational VR app, Operation Apex, is the latest Vive Studios-published VR experience to find a new home on the Oculus Rift.

Last week Curiscope revealed an update for the underwater adventure that will be hitting in just under two weeks’ time on February 22nd. The update will add in full Oculus Rift support to the game, complete with the Touch controllers. While support will be available through a free update over on Steam the app will also be launching on the Oculus Store (and is currently featured on the site’s ‘Coming Soon’ section).

Operation Apex is a great example of entertaining VR that blends in educational elements to create impactful moments the player will remember. You’re cast as a deep sea diver that explores the ocean floor, uncovering various types of fish and baiting them towards you with holographic projects of what they would usually eat. It teaches you not only about the food chain under the ocean but also shows you some of the negative effects of mankind’s tampering with that chain.

Elsewhere in the 1.1 update users will be able to toggle the comfort settings for the first time and jump into a free roam mode that allows you to explore the game’s three environments without any objectives to push you along. You’ll also see a few visual updates and a number of other bug fixes.

Operation Apex is available now for $19.99.

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