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Vertigo 2 Releases For SteamVR On March 30, 2023

Vertigo 2 Releases For SteamVR On March 30, 2023

Zulubo Productions revealed the Steam release date for highly anticipated sequel Vertigo 2.

Revealed in the UploadVR Winter Showcase, Zulubo Productions plans to launch Vertigo 2 on Steam on March 30, 2023.

The atmospheric trailer below showcases some of the game’s colorful environments and varied gameplay.

The original Vertigo game released in 2016 — “a decent stab at Half-Life” — with Zulubo launching the remastered version in 2020 to “very positive” reviews on Steam.

“Vertigo 2 is a single-player adventure built from the ground up as a game for high-end VR,” Vertigo 2’s description notes. “Deep underground in the reaches of Quantum Reactor VII, you awake to finish your journey home. No closer to your goal than when you first arrived, you must count on the help of the mysteriously familiar stranger who saved your life. On your way towards the center of the reactor, you will have to face bizarre alien flora and fauna leaking from other universes – and deadly android security forces whose job is to purge the Reactor of all life. As you try to determine who to trust, sinister forces lurk just out of sight.”

The game features a “a branching story hinging on key decisions, there’s no telling what you’ll encounter in this absurd world. The only certainty is that there’s danger around every corner,” according to the Steam page. Aiming to “reach beyond the 2016 original”, the Steam page for the sequel lists support for both teleportation and smooth locomotion and its voice acting is showcased in the trailer above, along with views of some of the weapons in the game.

So mark your calendars, PC VR fans, Vertigo 2 arrives March 30, 2023.

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