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Vacation Simulator ‘Back To Job’ Update Coming This Fall

Vacation Simulator ‘Back To Job’ Update Coming This Fall

Owlchemy Labs is planning a free downloadable content update for Vacation Simulator later this year that expands the game by bringing forward some familiar experiences from Job Simulator.

Google-owned Owlchemy teased the update in its UploadVR Showcase segment.

Check out the trailer here:

Job Simulator and its sequel Vacation Simulator are among the more popular and widely known VR titles in existence. While both games are similar in tone and general mechanics, Vacation Simulator features a range of widely varying activities divided into a number of zones you can visit centered at  three vacation-themed environments — beach, mountain, and forest. The original Job Simulator featured four jobs including office worker, auto mechanic, chef, and convenience store clerk with a number of activities and challenges faced within each job.

So with the Back To Job downloadable content update Owlchemy is teasing that the gig economy made its way to the world of Vacation Simulator and “all bots have gone on vacation and no one is left to job, so it’s time for the human to enter the on-demand workforce to make the perfect vacation for bots. Time to job, again.”

“It’s kinda bringing two worlds together,” explains Owlchemy’s Devin Reimer. Taking “some of the cool things from both and kinda mash them together.”

Back To Job will come to all platforms with Vacation Simulator, so that means PSVR, Quest and PC VR systems will all get the update. They’re still working on the update so it’s unclear how much added content it will bring and the exact timeline for launch on each system. We’ll bring you updates about the new DLC as soon as we have them.

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