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Ubisoft's Eagle Flight Hits Rift Tomorrow, Learn More With New Trailer

Ubisoft's Eagle Flight Hits Rift Tomorrow, Learn More With New Trailer

Ubisoft’s first incursion into VR starts tomorrow with the release of Eagle Flight from its Montreal Team on the Oculus Rift. Ahead of launch, we’ve got a new trailer to feast your eyes on.

Rather smartly, the French publisher has opted to release a trailer that explains exactly what the game is instead of a cinematic selection of footage. The clip guides you through the game’s central mechanics, using head-tracked controls and a gamepad to soar above the streets of a Paris that’s been reclaimed by nature. There’s also a look at the different mission types across both single and multiplayer modes, which will have you completing courses and racing friends.

We also learn some new bits about the game here. Firstly, it reveals there are five chapters in which you’ll travel further into Paris. We also get a glimpse at new areas where you’ll take on harder challenges and different animal types. The latter is particularly interesting, as bats, falcons, vultures and crows will serve as enemies that you’ll have to defeat in order to claim an area as a nest.

Eagle Flight hits the Oculus Rift tomorrow, October 18th, but it’s also coming to PlayStation VR on November 8th and then HTC Vive just in time for Christmas on December 20th. It’s far from all Ubisoft is releasing for VR platforms this holiday season; co-op dream fufiller, Star Trek: Bridge Crew hits all three headsets on November 29th and quirky multiplayer titles Werewolves Within arrives on December 6th. A PlayStation VR patch for Ubisoft-published Trackmania Turbo is also launching on November 8th, and a VR Just Dance game has been announced.

There’s plenty to come from Ubisoft in the next two and a half months, then. How will one of gaming’s biggest publisher’s early bets on the tech pay off?

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