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Tornuffalo Uses Vive's Full Body Tracking To Survive A Tornado

Tornuffalo Uses Vive's Full Body Tracking To Survive A Tornado

Vive’s new Trackers are finally out in the wild and it hasn’t taken developers long to come up with creative uses for them. Tornuffalo is just the latest example of that.

This fun little game, which released for the first time back in December 2016, was recently updated to include full body tracking support for people with three Vive Trackers. In its original form, the game has you ducking and diving out of the way of debris that’s being thrown around by a tornado in a small town (oddly, you’re not really worried about running away from said natural disaster).

With full body tracking support, the game gets a little trickier, as you now have to make sure your entire torso and legs are out of the way of any incoming rubble, as well as your head and hands. As gracefully displayed in the video above, you can kick objects out of the way with ease, but if you’re feet are stationary and something hits you then it’s pretty much game over.

Developer RealityRig has implemented support under Steam’s Beta Branch for now, as it points out the tracking isn’t perfect at this point. The team also recommends trying the Big Hammer bonus mode in which, yes, you wield a Big Hammer, if you’re new to the game.

Full body tracking in a Vive game was first seen in Cloudgate Studios’ Island 359, which allowed us to kick dinosaurs in the face. HTC also released its own system for full body tracking with three of Vive’s new peripheral, which cost $99 each. We’ve seen plenty of other use cases for the device since it was revealed last January, including attaching it to other peripherals like baseball bats and plastic guns.

The Tracker is available now for developers and will be launching as a consumer product later on in the year. Tornuffalo, meanwhile, is available now for $0.99.

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