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Tim Cook Says He Watched The Entire Third Season Of Ted Lasso In Apple Vision Pro

Tim Cook Says He Watched The Entire Third Season Of Ted Lasso In Apple Vision Pro

Apple CEO Tim Cook claims he watched "the entire third season" of the show Ted Lasso in Vision Pro.

Cook told CBS News he uses Apple Vision Pro "on a regular basis", giving his Ted Lasso watching as an example.

Watching traditional media and playing traditional games was one of the core use cases for Vision Pro pitched when it was introduced at WWDC back in June. The headset's visionOS displays this content on a giant virtual screen, giving you a choice between your real room (optionally darkened) or a virtual environment.


Some early testers of the device have reportedly found it "too heavy" to be comfortable for this kind of extended use though - a potential concern we also noted in our brief hands-on impressions.

The front-heavy feeling is also a problem with many other existing headsets. Meta and many third parties sell rigid replacement straps for Quest 2 with a counterweight to better distribute the weight across your head, for example. Apple appears to be trying to support its headset's weight with only a fabric headband, but the company is reportedly considering selling a top strap.

Apple Vision Pro Full Specs, Features & Details
Read the full specs, features, and details of Apple Vision Pro here:

Vision Pro is reportedly the "most complicated" device Apple has ever designed, and Sony can reportedly only make enough ultra-high resolution microdisplays for less than half a million units per year. CBS News also asked Cook about these potential roadblocks, and whether they would delay the launch.

Cook said producing Vision Pro is "more complex" than an iPhone and required "innovation in the manufacturing" but also said it's still "on track" to ship in the United States early next year.

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