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Thalu: Dreamtime Is Now Is A Surreal VR App Exploring Australian Culture

It’s always nice to see VR apps that look genuinely new, and Thalu: Dreamtime is Now certainly seems fresh.

This new VR experience from Frame VR will be on display at the Melbourne International Film Festival next month. It’s a piece that brings you closer to the lives of director Tyson Mowarin’s people, the Ngarluma, an indigenous group living in the western Pilbara area of the country.

In the experience, a guide will take you on a tour of the spirit world where you’ll encounter lush, surrealist visuals and unique interactive elements. Expect to encounter talking clouds, spiritual boomerangs and the blazing hot Australian landscape. The app’s art was created by Sutu, the artist behind the Mind at War experience we saw at last month’s Sheffield Doc/Fest.

We haven’t seen the app for ourselves but it’s hard not to fall in love with the art style or the simple prospect of experiencing a world unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in VR.

Listings of when and where to catch Thalu can be found here. As the trailer above suggests, the app should also be arriving on the HTC Vive via Viveport in the near future.

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