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Space Junkies Is Getting A Non-VR Version, Beta Now On

Space Junkies Is Getting A Non-VR Version, Beta Now On

Ubisot’s plans to grow its VR multiplayer game Space Junkies now include making it, uh, not VR.

The zero gravity shooter just launched an open beta for a non-VR version. It launched via uPlay on July 25th and will run until August 7th. Standard PC players will be able to throw down with PC VR and PSVR players, too.

It might be hard to imagine Space Junkies working without motion controllers but the game already supports DualShock 4 on PSVR. Presumably there will be a flat-screen version of the game on PS4 too should everything go according to plan. No word on if it could come to entirely non-VR platforms like Xbox too.

Space Junkies is a likeable small scale arena shooter. There have long been signs that the game hasn’t built up as big an audience as Ubisoft might have hoped. It saw a heavy sale just weeks after launch. Building VR multiplayer games with large user bases has been a tough challenge in a time in which headset sales can’t compare to modern consoles. Just last week said goodbye to Starblood Arena, a PSVR exclusive shooter with backing from Sony itself.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft continued to support Space Junkies with free content long past launch and still plans to do so. New maps and modes are arriving fairly regularly, and the game is playable in VR arcades too. Hopefully this beta boosts its numbers and ensures a longer life.

If the team is looking to bump up the number of VR players, though, might we suggest an Oculus Quest port? Just an idea.

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