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Report: New Gear VR To Be Revealed Alongside Galaxy Note 8 Next Week

Report: New Gear VR To Be Revealed Alongside Galaxy Note 8 Next Week

It looks like we could be meeting yet another new member of the Gear VR family very soon.

Mobile industry leakster Evan Blass this week revealed what appears to be an early look at the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro wearable fitness device. In his report on VentureBeat, Blass states that the device will be revealed at the company’s Unpacked event next week, as will a new version of its mobile VR headset.

Next week’s show is expected to host the reveal of the latest in Samsung’s line of enlarged smartphones, the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung itself isn’t exactly keeping that quiet judging by the messaging on its Unpacked website which asks fans to “unpack the next Galaxy”, though there’s little point of secrecy when the company has an established tradition of revealing its bigger phones around this time of year.

We won’t rack up the countless rumors surrounding the phone itself, but you can likely expect it to be more powerful. The Note 8 does have high expectations to live up to considering its predecessor, the Note 7, suffered a worldwide recall as units started exploding.

Blass says that the new Gear will be backwards-compatible, likely meaning that it will support older Samsung phones as well as its latest device. Again, that’s to be expected, but we’re more interested to see if this new iteration has any other major hardware revisions. The Gear VR was last updated back in April with the release of the Galaxy S8. While the headset itself largely remained the same as previous models, it did sport a new motion controller, which we’d expect to be bundled with this revision too.

We’ll also be interested to see if the Galaxy Note 8 supports Google’s Daydream mobile VR ecosystem out of the box as well. Support came to the Galaxy S8 a few months after launch, so hopefully this time Samsung will do away with the wait. Meanwhile, we’re still eagerly looking forward to the reveal of Samsung’s standalone VR headset.

What would you want to see in a new Gear VR?

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