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Quest 3 Datamined Resolution Seemingly Confirmed By Best Buy Listing

Quest 3 Datamined Resolution Seemingly Confirmed By Best Buy Listing

Quest 3 is now listed on Best Buy, and the description may confirm its rumored resolution.

Quest 3 was officially announced earlier this month. Meta hasn't yet detailed the full specifications, but said the visor is 40% thinner thanks to pancake lenses, the GPU is more than twice as powerful, and it has dual 4 megapixel color cameras and a depth sensor for scene understanding and mixed reality.

Meta also revealed the included new Touch Plus controllers, and explained how they're tracked without rings or onboard cameras.

Meta said Quest 3 will have its "highest resolution display yet", but didn't say the exact display type or resolution.

Almost one year ago though, Quest firmware dataminer Samulia discovered a headset codenamed 'Eureka865' with a 4128×2208 resolution panel, equating to 2064×2208 per eye on paper, but less in reality since a single panel can't be fully utilized by the lenses.

When Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported trying out a Quest 3 developer kit last month, he said the headset was codenamed 'Eureka'.

The Best Buy listing for Quest 3 that appeared today states it has "a nearly 30% leap in resolution from Quest 2". What's interesting about that number is that the datamined 4128×2208 figure is exactly 29.6% more pixels than 3664×1920, Quest 2's panel resolution.

Quest Quest 2 Quest Pro Quest 3
Launch Mid 2019 Late 2020 Late 2022 Late 2023
Lens Type Fresnel Fresnel Pancake Pancake
IPD Adjust Continuous 3 Steps Continuous Continuous
Pixels Per Eye 1440×1600 <1832×1920 1800×1920 <2064×2208?
w/ Mini-LED
Max Refresh 72Hz 120Hz 90Hz 120Hz?
Base Price $400 $300 $1000 $500

This would seem to confirm Quest 3's on-paper resolution as 2064×2208 per eye. And given the datamined resolution seems correct, that could suggest the 120Hz refresh rate is accurate too.

Full details of Quest 3 should be officially confirmed at Connect 2023 on September 27.

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