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Pistol Whip Developers Announce PSVR Release Date, Heartbreaker Update, And 'Concierge' Campaign

Pistol Whip Developers Announce PSVR Release Date, Heartbreaker Update, And 'Concierge' Campaign

Cloudhead Games released the 15th song for its hit action-rhythm VR shooter Pistol Whip and announced huge updates planned for the game throughout 2020.

First of the announcements is that PlayStation VR owners should be able to get their hands on the game on July 28th. Their latest song, Religion, is playable right now on PC or Oculus Quest. The intense new track now ranks as the game’s longest level.

Heartbreaker Trilogy In August

As part of the UploadVR Summer Showcase, Canada-based Cloudhead also revealed its next major steps for Pistol Whip through 2020.

Another free content update called “Heartbreaker” will add a trilogy of new songs to the game “for the lovers” with a vibe that’s a “chilled out action experience” with more abstract environments, water guns, two new modifiers, and achievements.

The “Heartbreaker” update will launch first on PC VR and Quest in August and later on PSVR.

‘Concierge’ Campaign In Q4

Pistol Whip 2020 Roadmap

Late this year Cloudhead plans to make its biggest addition to Pistol Whip since it launched in November 2019. “The Concierge” is scheduled for a Q4 2020 launch alongside an “action pack” that will add new enemies, weapons and mechanics “all framed by a cinematic action campaign.”

Though details are slim beyond that, the addition of a campaign to Pistol Whip should string together the game’s arcade intensity in an entirely new way.

We’re big fans of Pistol Whip — I rated it 5/5 — even though it originally launched with only 10 songs because of its deep challenge curve which can be unlocked by activating a “Deadeye” modifier that turns off aim assist. The game is a hit too — raking in $2 million from buyers on Oculus Quest alone — and the development team behind the game expanded the title regularly with additional modifiers and scenes.

I’ll be looking forward to Heartbreaker and Concierge then to see how it changes one of my favorite VR games.

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