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David Hayter Teases Phantom: Covert Ops In New Trailer Ahead Of Release

David Hayter Teases Phantom: Covert Ops In New Trailer Ahead Of Release

Kayaking stealth game Phantom: Covert Ops is out on Oculus headsets on June 25th and the iconic voice of David Hayter (aka Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid) is here to tease the game one last time before release.

Hayter voices the villain General Zhurov, an ex-Soviet running the rogue Cold War-era naval installation that players infiltrate by kayak. Hayter teased the Oculus Studios game from nDreams in the UploadVR Showcase. Check out the latest trailer here:

While the premise might sound like a bit of a stretch we’ve played early versions of the game on a number of occasions and remain impressed by just how immersive it feels. You’ll find yourself carefully inserting your oar into the water and navigating through tight channels at just the time to avoid detection and reaching for the right weapon to take care of the task at hand.

Here’s how Jamie Feltham described it in a recent write up:

Sitting in a chair and using motion controls to paddle through reeds, taking one end of an oar to push yourself off from a wall, or grabbing a side and pulling yourself into position; all of this feels distinctly convincing in a way we don’t normally experience. It’s equal parts authentic and intuitive, offering truly human-powered movement mostly without the strange disconnect that comes from moving your virtual self while your real self stays in one place. I only say mostly as I don’t believe that contrast will ever completely vanish in any VR game for current systems, but it’s certainly diminished here. Plus constant paddling is, quite rightly, a bit of a workout.

Phantom: Covert Ops is out on Rift and Quest on June 25th.

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