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One Of VR's Best Artists Is Making An Oculus Quest Adventure In Quill

One Of VR's Best Artists Is Making An Oculus Quest Adventure In Quill

Oculus Quest might not ever get the extensive creation mode found in its professional Rift art app, Quill, but it is getting a beautiful adventure made inside of it.

Announced last week, The Last Oasis is a new VR experience from Goro Fujita, a Facebook Art Director responsible for countless incredible artworks made inside Quill. The piece is being designed specifically for Quest, which is Oculus’ first standalone VR headset to feature inside-out six degree of freedom (6DOF) tracking.

The trailer above doesn’t tell you too much about the piece, save for some quick glimpses of it. It looks typically gorgeous, but we’re really interested in the different spaces Fujita is preparing and the traversal types used (at one point one player seems to be crawling through a vent to reach a new area).

“Usually I create a painting and I choose my composition,” Fujita says in the video. “This was more about how do I design for space and how can I create different emotions in each space? So I used color language, different lighting, so when you dive into a new space, you feel different.”

The Last Oasis will be on display at CTN from November 14th – 18th. There’s no word yet on how or when the experience will reach consumer Quests, which launch in spring of next year.

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