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Avatar: The Way Of Water Used Gravity Sketch In Its Set Design

Avatar: The Way Of Water Used Gravity Sketch In Its Set Design

Gravity Sketch, the VR art creation platform, was used in the environmental and set design for Avatar: The Way Of Water.

First released in 2017, Gravity Sketch is a creative toolset available on Meta Quest, Rift and SteamVR. Used for a range of 3D creative tasks, we’ve now learned how James Cameron’s Avatar sequel utilizes it, thanks to a new Instagram post.

“This is a key frame of Lo’ak and Neteyam jumping off the edge of the Council Platform in the Metkayina Village followed by Kiri and Tuk. This is the moment just before we all get our first glimpse of the magical world underneath the surface,” explains Jonathan Bach, concept artist at Lightstorm Entertainment. Confirming that the platform was initially designed in Gravity Sketch, Bach followed this up with concept artist and illustrator Nick Gindraux, working as a duo to create the platform’s complex textures.

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“The patterns of the textures aren’t shown too well from this angle, but hopefully I can share more in the future” states Bach. “A lot of time was spent by all of us on the team to resolve how these structures tied into the roots with appropriate looking strapping and the right level of tension.”

It’s not just films we’ve seen the app used in, though Avatar: The Way Of Water is the most high profile example yet. Back in March, Gravity Sketch outlined how developer Mighty Coconut uses Gravity Sketch when designing courses for Walkabout Mini Golf, highlighting this with the now-released Labyrinth DLC.

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