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Unofficial Oculus Quest Controller Charging Station Now Available For Order

Unofficial Oculus Quest Controller Charging Station Now Available For Order

ONG Innovations’ Oculus Quest controller charging station is now available to order online for $79.

As it stands right now, the Oculus Quest controllers use a single AA battery each. This allows you to easily swap out batteries mid-session, but also means you can go through lots of them unless you have plenty of spare rechargeables. ONG Innovations’ solution claims to let you charge your controllers with a new battery and faceplate design that, once inserted, won’t require you to remove anything.

Before we go on, let us just point out we haven’t tried this solution for ourselves yet and it’s entirely unofficial, so we can’t speak to its quality. The product failed to pass a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign earlier this year.

With that said, the headline $79 offering includes the new faceplates and batteries, plus a station to plug them into when you’re not using them. There’s also a $49 option which ditches that dock and a $99 edition that comes with a mounting kit for your headset too. ONG says the batteries fully recharge within 1.5 hours but only specifies that a charge lasts for ‘up to 1 week with standard use’. We’ve reached out to the company to clarify what counts as standard use.

ONG says that stock for the charger is very limited right now but it’s “actively exploring larger-scale manufacturing options”. And, yes, the product works with the Rift S controllers too seeing as they’re identical to the Quest controllers.

In the past, we’ve been pretty impressed with other third-party peripherals for Quest, like the VR Power add-on from Rebuff Reality. But, again, we haven’t sampled ONG’s solution for ourselves yet so can’t recommend picking one of these chargers up as it stands. We’ll look to give you full impressions in the future. If you get a chance to try this Oculus Quest Controller Charging Station, let us know.

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