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No Man's Sky VR Update Puts It Back In PlayStation Store Charts

No Man's Sky VR Update Puts It Back In PlayStation Store Charts

No Man’s Sky’s Beyond update was big enough to put the game back in PlayStation’s monthly Store charts.

The game, which got full PSVR support in the update, came in 15th on the US PS4 Chart for August. Over in the EU, it came in at 12th as a re-entry. Sony’s monthly charts only track performance on the PlayStation Store. In other words, this doesn’t include physical copies. The game got sent back to retail as part of the update, too.

Sadly as it’s a VR optional game Sony doesn’t group No Man’s Sky with the other PSVR games. Beat Saber topped that chart yet again in the US. Blood and Truth took the top spot in Europe, meanwhile. Neither list is particularly interesting; No Man’s Sky was August’s only really big PSVR release. Other titles like Superhot VR, Job Simulator and Five Nights at Freddy’s VR populate the rest.

Still, we’d love to know where No Man’s Sky ranked in comparison with other VR titles. The game’s been out for three years now and has had other major updates so we don’t necessarily know it would have topped the PSVR charts. Still, Hello Games’ Sean Murray once told us that the game’s last update, Next, sold incredibly well.

The PSVR version of Beyond is a stunning achievement. It brings the game’s entire procedurally-made universe into VR. The console version is a little blurrier than its PC counterpart but still worth playing.

September ends the PSVR drought in a big way, however. Later this week we’ve got Battlewake from Survios, and Espire 1: VR Operative hits towards the end. In fact, we’ve compiled a whole list of PSVR games to look forward to for the end of the year.

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