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Sean Murray On The Possibility Of No Man's Sky VR On Quest

Sean Murray On The Possibility Of No Man's Sky VR On Quest

Will we ever see No Man’s Sky VR on Oculus Quest? That might be down to the game’s community… and the headset’s hardware.

Last week we went along to Hello Games to see the No Man’s Sky Beyond update. It hits this Wednesday, but we got to play the VR support early. We also sat down and talk with the team’s Sean Murray. We’ll have the full interview to read through this week but, naturally, we had to ask about the possibility of an Oculus Quest version of the game, no matter how impossible it may seem.

“I’ve been playing it a lot, actually, and it’s lovely,” Murray said of Facebook’s new standalone headset.

“There is a future there, right, for that kind of device, right? People tend to think of, when you release a game, and it’s the thing I always want to hammer home to people, when you release a game that ‘that’s it’.”

He continued, explaining that the team’s work on the VR version is far from done. “This might be version 2.0 for the game, but it’s version 1.0 for VR,” Murray said. “There’s a lot that I expect people will want, and we’re going to see a lot of new players playing a lot of different ways.”

Many of those updates will apply to the gameplay itself, but Murray did leave the possibility of new hardware on the table.

“It’s really hard to predict but we’ll follow that. Whether it’s people wanting much more controller options, much more headset options or whatever. We’ll see. Because it’s very much a hobbyist space, especially on PC. There are so many things that are potential ways for us to go.”

Still, given Quest’s limited horsepower No Man’s Sky might never fit onto the device. Murray’s comments certainly suggest it might come to a future, more powerful iteration of the device, though. For now, No Man’s Sky Beyond is arriving as a free update with support for Rift, Vive, Index and PSVR.

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