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Moss Update Adds PS4 Pro Support, Save Slots

Moss Update Adds PS4 Pro Support, Save Slots

After making her way over to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift last week, Quill has another surprise in store for her fans on PSVR; Moss is getting a PS4 Pro update.

Launched today is a massive new update for the PS4 version of the VR platformer that includes long-requested support for Sony’s enhanced console. The PS4 Pro update includes enhanced water quality and even adds player interactivity to it. There’s also high definition rendering for the game’s book-based sequences and best resolution in all environments. No doubt porting Moss to more powerful PC hardware allowed developer Polyarc to bring some updates to the Pro.

Elsewhere, Moss now supports Japanese voice over and Spanish, Italian and Chinese subtitles and UI. There are also now save slots so others can try it out from scratch.

Finally, the game’s physical PS4 version released in Europe today.

We think Moss is an absolute winner, so if you’re only just getting to experience the game with your native language it’s definitely worth picking up.

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