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Moss Accidentally Went Free On Oculus Rift Yesterday

Moss Accidentally Went Free On Oculus Rift Yesterday

You may have been able to snatch up a free copy of Polyarc’s Moss on Oculus Rift yesterday. Count yourself lucky if so; that wasn’t meant to happen.

Rift users discovered the excellent VR adventure game strangely sitting in the Oculus Store for no extra cost yesterday. But there was no mention of a free giveaway elsewhere on the store, nor on Polyarc’s own social channels. Sure enough, the developer has now confirmed that was a mistake. But, if you managed to snag a copy then the team will let you keep it.

Moss was, in fact, meant to be discounted by 34%, taking it to $19.79, which is the price it sits at now. Polyarc explained in a tweet that this was one big accident.

“Congrats to those that were able to sneak in a free download,” the studio wrote. In other words, the team isn’t going to yank the free downloads away from those of you lucky enough to get it. That’s very, very nice of them.

Moss remains one of our favorite VR games, appearing on our best of lists for Rift, Steam VR, PSVR and Quest. The game manages to grow an intimate connection between you and its protagonist, Quill, as you guide her on a journey through a compelling miniature world.

“From the first moment we played the game at E3 almost a year ago until we saw the closing credits roll, Quill’s adventure has captivated our hearts and minds,” we said in our review. “Moss strikes that perfect balance between tense, action-packed moments of combat with slow, methodical puzzles that require you to rethink the way you interact with video games through the power of VR.”

We’re still waiting on Book 2. Fingers crossed we see it this year.

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