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Magic Leaps Seems To Finally Be Gearing Up For A Big Reveal

Magic Leaps Seems To Finally Be Gearing Up For A Big Reveal

It’s increasingly looking like mysterious augmented reality technology Magic Leap could finally be unveiled in the coming months.

A recent Bloomberg report stated that the company was looking to raise an extra $500 million in investment as well as ship out early units within the next few months, potentially costing between $1,500 and $2,000. Last week the first half of that report was confirmed and now Gizmodo is reporting on plans for a possible unveiling soon.

The site has obtained a document allegedly detailing what appears to be a pitch for a livestream tour of the company’s Florida-based headquarters from creative agency The Community. Several slides in the document propose an in-depth look at the company’s facilities with passing mentions and references to what it’s working on, complete with Easter eggs to keep excited fans guessing. The stream would also offer a chance to meet the team building the tech and potentially even a glimpse at the hardware itself.

Throughout the tour a series of numbers would appear forming a phone number, which would lead to a line emitting a whale sound, one of the symbols of Magic Leap’s marketing so far. Via text, though, they might receive an alternate image of the device to what’s shown in the stream.

Gizmodo says that the event had been pitched for taking place in mid-November, but Magic Leap itself denied such a livestream would take place next month, not confirming if it would take place at all.

There’s still no indication of when we’ll actually get to try the tech for ourselves.

Meanwhile, Magic Leap has also hired John Gaeta, a visual effects innovator that has already collaborated with the company as part of ILMxLAB, which is creating Star Wars experiences for Magic Leap. In recent weeks the company has also released the above video, the first from it in around a year.

Does all of this buzz mean we can finally expect a better look at Magic Leap before the year is out? Our fingers are crossed, but we’re not holding our breath.

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