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Learning Virtual Reality, A Fantastic Resource For Beginner VR Developers

Learning Virtual Reality, A Fantastic Resource For Beginner VR Developers

Learning to develop for virtual reality can be a daunting task. There are so many new things for a developer to consider that it makes the learning curve quite steep. Tony Parisi, one of VR’s preeminent experts, is looking to solve that with his most recent book, Learning Virtual Reality. 

The book takes you from the basics of UI design in VR, to creating apps for the Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Cardboard, WebVR and more. By the book’s end, you will create your own VR photo viewer. According to Parisi, the book is not intended for those without any programming skills whatsoever, “readers should know the basics of Javascript, Java, C# or another C-family programming language.”

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“The goal,” says Parisi, “is for anyone who likes virtual reality – and likes to make things on a computer – to be able to walk away having learned something from the book.”

The 166-page book provides an excellent jumping off point for those with some degree of programming experience. But don’t just take my word for it Raja Koduri the Senior Vice President and Chief Architect of AMD’s, Radeon Technologies Group also has some nice things to say about it:

“Tony Parisi’s book is a fantastic resource for developers of various skill levels looking for a primer on programming Virtual Reality on the latest generation of desktop and mobile VR hardware. Virtual Reality is rapidly becoming the new frontier of immersive computing experiences and this book will help budding developers familiarize themselves with VR and get ahead of the technological curve.”

Tony Parisi has been working in the VR space for over 20 years, pioneering VRML which brought 3D graphics and environments to the web. Today he works in the VR space with WEVR, helping develop the next generation of content distribution for VR. You can get his book today on



Disclosure: Tony Parisi is an advisor to UploadVR.

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