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You Can Now Wishlist Laser Dance On Quest Headsets

You Can Now Wishlist Laser Dance On Quest Headsets

Thomas Van Bouwel is looking for people to add Laser Dance to their wishlist on Quest 3.

To make the case, Van Bouwel and publishing partner Creature brought a one-of-a-kind teaser to the UploadVR Summer Showcase. A single unusually stable mixed reality shot notes "recorded on Meta Quest 3":


The teaser is followed by a personal request from Van Bouwel to wishlist Laser Dance, which is "built from the ground up for mixed reality to turn your living room into a laser obstacle course straight from a spy film," the developer said.

To capture the clip, Van Bouwel mounted a Quest 3 to a gimbal to stabilize the headset with an iPhone mounted in front of the lens to as a viewfinder capturing mixed reality gameplay at high levels of detail. Here's the capture rig:

We wrote about an early demo version of the game in March and found it a standout example of just how fantastic and different mixed reality gaming is going to be. Van Bouwel's design, however, stresses the capabilities of Quest headsets. The game sees the player place buttons on the walls at opposing ends of a room and its procedural systems map out a series of laser-based obstacle courses. The developer faces tricky situations to navigate around body and hand tracking as well as room-mapped game design, with players finding edge cases for him to design around as they reveal unexpected rooms shapes or surprising ways to navigate through the lasers. Rolling across the floor, for example, is a perfectly feasible strategy for some levels.

As Van Bouwel notes in his video, wishlisting Laser Dance on the Quest store shows support for the effort as well being the "best way to find out when the game actually releases."

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