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Icesolation Is A Story-Driven Local Co-Op Adventure For VR

Icesolation Is A Story-Driven Local Co-Op Adventure For VR

Happy Hobgoblin’s Icesolation is the latest VR game to take a stab at local co-op play.

Revealed via a new trailer yesterday, the game’s set to go on sale on March 15th. Like other co-op games like Covert, it requires two players. One is inside VR while the other is using a second screen (in this case a PC). The latter sees tips and information that they need to explain to the VR user to help them make progress.

The VR player is exploring a set of caves located somewhere in the Siberian wastes. They’re on the hunt for an old Soviet-era military operation. When the surrounding mines collapse, however, you have to find a way back to freedom with your friend’s help.

That will involve the PC user guiding the VR player using maps. There are also puzzles to solve using notes in a folder. Think Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes just with a gloomier setting. The VR user gets to light the way with a lighter and bash in barricades with an ice pick. Over on Reddit, the developer said the game is designed to be “highly challenging” and that it’s more focused on atmosphere and puzzle solving rather than horror.

It’s a great idea for a game and something we haven’t really seen reach its full potential yet. Covert was a step in the right direction but felt held back by the limits of the Oculus Go hardware. Icesolation shouldn’t have any such issues.

Icesolation will support the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive when it launches on Friday.

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