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Hitman 3 PC VR Support Confirmed, Coming Next Year

Hitman 3 PC VR Support Confirmed, Coming Next Year

Hitman 3 PC VR support has been confirmed, and is due to launch next year.

PC VR support will arrive in January 2022. The news was confirmed in the below video from developer IO Interactive, which details the second year of content for the game. Indeed, Hitman 3 launched in January 2021, but its VR support was exclusive to the PS4 version of the game via PSVR. Check out the trailer below.

Hitman 3 PC VR Confirmed

A short clip of the PC VR support showed the game being played on the Valve Index and Oculus Rift S with full motion controller support. That’s a significant step up from the PSVR version, which only allowed players to use the DualShock 4 gamepad and the motion control features within it.

Elsewhere, IO confirmed the entire new Hitman trilogy has seen 50 million players, with Hitman 3 proving to be the “most successful” game in the series. Other incoming updates to the game include PC ray-tracing support and the Elusive Target Arcade. There will also be new maps, storylines and modes arriving in 2022 too. A new level was teased for spring 2022 too, with a full reveal coming in January.

We thought the PSVR version of Hitman 3 was great, even if the controls could be troublesome. “I went into Hitman 3 VR with my hands clasped over my face, eyes peeking out between fingers in fear of an impending train wreck,” we said. “But the more I played, the more that anxiety subsided. IO’s VR debut is far from perfect; visual hiccups, small interaction issues and half-in DualShock 4 controls are collateral damage in the battle to get the thing to simply work. But, against the odds as always, Agent 47 emerges victorious.”

Of course, Hitman 3 also included all of the levels from the past two games in the series (if you owned them), which could also be played in VR. It’s not outright confirmed, but that feature will very likely carry over here too.

Are you going to be playing Hitman 3 on PC VR headsets? Let us know in the comments below!

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