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Valve Left A Small Error In The Half-Life: Alyx Screenshots (Literally)


Exciting times! Half-Life: Alyx releases in just over a month! We’re really excited! You’re really excited! Valve’s probably really excited! Which might explain why the company left a small error in one of its new screenshots.

No, literally, a small error. Take a look at the latest image below.

A Small Half-Life: Alyx Error… Literally

alyx screenshot gun

It shows Alyx engaging in combat with a group of Combine soldiers. The construction yard floor is richly detailed, enemy models are rightly threatening and there are plenty of details littered throughout. It’s an impressive capture of the game for sure that promises a new bar for VR visuals. Except, what’s that up in the top left corner of the image? Like riiiight at the top, slightly cut off?

Half-Life Alyx Error

That appears to be the word ‘Error’ cut off. It’s hidden enough not to be noticed — no one at Valve saw it that’s for sure — and you might even think it was just a part of the scenery. But Valve’s Brad Kinley confirmed the mistake on Twitter. “We forgot the error model in one of the screenshots,” he said. “I guess at least it shows they’re not bullshots!”

Bullshots is a term used for screenshots that have been edited after being taken to make the game look better.

Well, whoops to that. It’s a pretty harmless incident that we’re sure the team at Valve is laughing about itself. We’re pretty sure that won’t be there come the game’s release on March 23.

Only 38 days to go until Half-Life: Alyx arrives on PC VR headsets. Too long of a wait? Why not check out the recent mod that lets you play Half-Life: Opposing Force on Oculus Quest? Or catch up on Alyx with our rundown of exactly who the character is. Excited to pick the game up? Let us know in the comments below!


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