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Genotype Takes You To Antarctica Next Month On Quest

Genotype screenshot

Genotype, the upcoming sci-fi adventure VR title from Bolverk Games, arrives next month on Quest.

Following a recent open beta test, Bolverk confirms Genotype is now targeting an October 2023 release window. Revealed through a new trailer just before today's Meta Connect keynote, it provides a fresh look at combat against some strange creatures, exploration, puzzle solving, character interactions, and your available abilities. You can watch the new trailer below:

Previously featured in the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2023, Genotype promises a chilling “escape-the-dungeon” FPS-style action adventure set in Antarctica. Exploring an abandoned scientific facility, you must investigate the mystery behind what happened to its former research team. Aiding you are high-tech gloves that can print organisms, using their abilities to take down enemies and solve puzzles.

Genotype arrives in October 2023 on the Meta Quest platform, and you can pre-order it now with a 14% discount.

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